Inset Cat Eyes

Traditional cats eye milled studs are used to define roads, bus and cycle lanes as well as having a traffic calming effect. These are also used along road edges to clearly delineate the boundary between the highway and the verge for clear road-safety purposes, and they serve to reduce damage to road edges by discouraging motorists from driving too close to the edges.

We install cats eye studs in all colours to meet the UK road network requirements, since road studs have different meanings depending on their colour and location. The different colours also serve to heighten driver awareness of road boundaries and changing road conditions, not only at night, but equally importantly in fog or poor weather.

These road studs are installed in cavities which are cut in the road by a specially designed cutting head. The cavities are approximately 1.2 m long for one-way markers and 2.1 m long for two-way markers. The stud is installed with a 2-part epoxy and sits in the low point of the groove approximately 1.6 cm below the road surface. The action of tyres passing over studs facilitates self-cleaning due to the depressible insert, and they are also quick and easy to replace if necessary. The tough, durable rubber insert provides many years of high-quality reflectively.