Traffic Counting

Automatic traffic counting systems are able to capture data about huge volumes of traffic on roads and motorways  irrespective of distance, location and environment, and on a continuous basis. Inductive loops cut into the road surface send signals about the number of vehicles passing a designated spot, or using a particular stretch of the road network, and dual loops can gain additional information such as vehicle weight and length.

If inductive loops are installed by sub-standard or non-accredited suppliers careless resealing can result in moisture reaching the wires and changing the electrical characteristics of the loop. This could cause a system malfunction or could mean that rogue data is transmitted to the traffic management system.

All Bridgepoint Road Markings inductive loop cutting is carried out to Highway Sector Scheme 8 regulations and to MCH 1540 Specifications as set out by the Highways Agency. In Northern Ireland we carry out road marking and traffic census term contracts for DRD Roads Service, and have a contract with Siemens Traffic Controls for the installation of inductive loops at traffic signals for the whole of Northern Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland we are a National Roads Authority (NRA) approved contractor.