Road Markings Removal

Road marking removal may be carried out with the objective of completely removing existing markings, e.g. after a road construction project or to introduce additional traffic lanes, or may be in preparation for relining. In both cases, we ensure that line markings are removed with no damage to the existing road surface by using either a precision abrasive process or the high-pressure hydroblasting cleaning system for clearing more stubborn lines.

The key consideration during line removal work is to minimise travel disruption if being performed on highways or motorways. Our skilled road marking operatives are all trained in Health and Safety and can work quickly, efficiently as safely in all conditions, on all roads.

We perform line removal on any of the following thoroughfares:

  • highways and motorways
  • private roads
  • bus and cycle lanes
  • car parks
  • runways and taxiways
  • interior surfaces, e.g. factories or warehouses

The main methods for removing road and line markings are: