Anti-Skid Markings

The safe, smooth movement of people, vehicles and goods and equipment in all weather conditions is of the utmost importance to businesses, councils and local authorities and the general public. Bridgepoint Road Markings specialise in the application of traffic-grade and pedestrian-grade high-friction materials to appropriate surfaces in a range of colours to provide anti-skid protection and optimum visibility, for example in poor weather conditions.

Coloured anti-skid surfaces also act as a warning and deterrent to motorists and provide a useful traffic-calming mechanism, improving all-round road safety. All anti-skid surfacing materials are oil, fuel and water resistant to ensure optimal performance in all weather and operational conditions, all year round.

  • Accident blackspots and┬áhazardous locations
  • Sharp bends
  • Junctions and roundabouts
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Traffic lights
  • Bridges