Inductive Loop Cutting

Inductive loop cutting involves cutting into the road surface to install sensors and circuitry which is used to monitor traffic presence and flow, and then resealing the surface. These loops can detect when traffic is present, the nature and volume of the traffic, and this data can then be fed into traffic management systems to provide real-time information to motorists and highway operators.

All works carried out Bridgepoint Road Markings are done by fully trained to Industry Standard Operatives. Every site is installed to current MCH1540 specification. Only the highest quality, and to full specification materials are used on each installation; oxidizeed bitumen, epoxy resin, inductive loop cable to the TR2029 specification, ducting, chambers. Every site installed on completion will be fully tested for inductance and continuity and working fully to specification. A fully comprehensive test sheet will be completed and signed by our senior unit operative and a copy forwarded to the client.