Bridgepoint Roadmarkings uses three different types of pavement marking removal methods: water blasting, scrabbling, and thermal lance (Hot Compressed Air).


Bridgepoint Roadmarkings uses the Blasters Liquidatorâ„¢ Water Blast Lining Removal System. The Blasters System is one of the best line removal systems in the world. It uses 40,000 PSI ultra-high pressure water technology to remove all paint lining, curing compound, sealer or tack and can even restore the needed coefficient of friction for worn road surfaces. This state-of-the-art equipment is fast, cost effective, environmentally friendly and outperforms all previous methods of concrete and asphalt surface preparation. The Blasters Liquidatorâ„¢

Water Blast Lining Removal System has many advantages:

  • Minimal damage to concrete or asphalt road surfaces while removing unwanted lining or material.
  • Extremely high continuous production removal rates from 1,500 to 3,000 linear feet per hour.
  • Very cost effective.
  • Vacuum recovery results in no environmental impact.
  • No chemicals or abrasives are used.
  • Self contained water supply with low water consumption Performed day or night, rain or shine.


  • Scabbling is the process whereby the existing surface is reduced or textured before the re-application of a new surface or markings.

Thermal Lance

  • A thermal lance is an industrial tool which uses extremely high temperatures to effectively burn the existing surface or markings from the road to allow new surface markings to be applied.