Factory Markings

Health and Safety requirements are of paramount concern in any industrial or work environment, particularly in factories where heavy equipment and moving machinery and trucks combine in a busy, noisy environment to pose a wide range of risks.

Our highly trained staff at Bridgepoint Road Markings will provide line marking and surface-coating services to help you conform with current Health and Safety legislation by clearly marking safe and unsafe work areas with high-visibility lines, letters and symbols.

  • Forklift working areas
  • Unsafe zones beside dangerous or heavy machinery
  • Loading bays
  • Safe designated walkways and stairs
  • Truck lanes and transport/loading routes
  • Workshop demarcations
Internal floors in warehouses, distribution and logistic centres and other industrial and factory environments can be surfaced using  textured multi-grip systems to prevent slipping in wet and dry working conditions, minimising the risk of accidents involving people, goods and machinery.